Restorative Yoga Massage Classes have returned!

2 Fridays a month @ 6:30 pm

2 Saturdays a month at 10 am

Take a Moment for Yourself Today.

If asked to define our lives in one word, most of us would say busy. Rarely, do we still take a moment to slow down and collect our thoughts, feel the earth beneath our feet, or just let the wonder of existence wash over us. Yet fundamentally, it is the same for most of us, the need for an uninterrupted piece of time in which we listen to the world around and within us. These calm moments are vital to our physical, mental and spiritual well being.
Find these moments in Serenity Massage & Wellness.

Infectious Disease Policy.  Rest assured I am working diligently to keep you safe while getting a massage.  All contact surfaces are wiped with disinfectant between every client, and UV Light technology is used at the end of every business day as added layer of protection.  How can you help? If you are concerned you may have an infectious disease, feel your immune system is over-taxed, or if you have had a vaccine less than 2 weeks before your appointment, please call 253-333-8736 to rescheduleOne of the many significant side effects experienced from the COVID-19 injection has been blood clots, It is a contra-indication for any person with blood clot to receive a massage as dislodging a clot can be fatalAdverse reactions to vaccines can include Blood Clots, Fainting, Seizures, Bells Palsy, Fever, Type 1 Anaphylaxis, Rash/Hives, Tremors, Type IV delayed Sensitivity, Development of Auto-Immune Disorders, Coma, Infertility and Death as well as others.  If you have had any negative reaction after receiving a vaccine, please report such reactions to

Reporting adverse reactions to any medication or vaccine is how we make sure to keep unsafe medical procedures from staying on the market.